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Koyna Ruseva, Georgi Gospodinov and Kostadin Bonev send a message about Humanity in the video for Award for civil valor and human kindness in helping the Ukrainian people under the auspices of President of Bulgaria Petar Stoyanov.

"MARGINALIA" Production.     
Filmed at the National Gallery "Kvadrat 500", Exhibition "HUNGER" by YONA. 

Sofia, Bulgaria. October 12, 2022

"Minutes after an extremely difficult and unfortunately topical conversation on Euronews Bulgaria. The exhibition "HUNGER" lives in the National Gallery "Kvadrat 500" in Sofia until the end of November. There you can also meet the fabulous Yona Tukuser, who brings her inhuman strength to exploring the subject of the great famine in Ukraine, 75 years ago. One of the paintings in the exhibition is about the horror in Ukraine today, where, let's not forget, many children live. The young artist "tells" about one of them with brushes and paints. Yona is an artist-explorer with an extraordinary social commitment, who reveals to us the enormous power of fine art on all levels".

Ralitsa Galabova
Producer at Euronews Bulgaria

Sofia, Bulgaria. October 21, 2022

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