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cannibalism, hunger, yonatukuser, ukraine

„RODINA, 10-1990, ISSN 0235 – 7089, p. 58 / DAOO, P-702, Op. 1/102 a, 13. Povolzhye famine – 1921“,

oil on canvas, 100x130cm, 2010, Yona Tukuser

The painting is owned by Sofia City Art Gallery


„An elderly woman had brought some meat pies to the market. They were instantly sold out. From that day on, the woman was bringing meat pies every day. In large quantities. But it was not known where the flesh did come from as all horses, cats, rats were already eaten. So the police started to watch her. And they found that these pies were made with human meat. It turned out that the merchant was going to the graveyard, opening the carcasses and taking their lungs, hearts, etc. Many other cases of selling human meat were also found at that time.“

yonatukuser, hunger, ukraine
yonatukuser, hunger, ukraine, cannibalism
yonatukuser, hunger, ukraine

„Mother - cannibal. DAOO, Aikhenwald, L.I. To the casuistry of cannibalism. Notes of doctors of psychiatry about cannibalism. F. P-702, op.1, case 102a, p. 15“,

oil on canvas, 90x130cm, 2010, Yona

The painting is owned by Dimitar Injov


„...So when we arrived, she was stuck in the corner, like a wild beast, vaguely murmuring something, and staring viciously. „Where is Petya, did he die?“ Then the woman wildly screamed, and after that she was silent.  Then it suddenly flashed across their minds that the mother has actually done this evil and opened the furnace. There they found a part of the baked body of the boy, as the rest she had already eaten ... The woman – cannibal was absently staring. The thoughts had already left this woman and only traces of severe grief and infinite loneliness were left on her face. This mother was already dead for life and life has also lost its’ meaning for her.“

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