"ROOT" 2016, part - 5


#131 seconds = #131 episode =  # 131          paintings

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"When  I realized and crossed the doorstep of pain and resentment, I understood that relatives are only light and I can re-create them into painting with nothing but love."

everything is instant


everything is eternity

everything is entropy








The painting of «Time» began with the awakening of my childhood memories, related to events and times, moments, that I co-experienced through painting. In the beginning I would hit the brush on the canvas with fury, damaging it and sometimes I painted the canvas mixing the oil paint with my tears.

«Shifting the stones» of my childhood memories, was painful. But only up to a certain point… When I started painting the portraits in close-up and had to look in detail into the eyes of relatives, into the creases and wrinkles, into their chiaroscuros... At this point I realized that I no longer feel resentment towards them. To me they became light. And this internal light that their faces emanated, began to resonate within me and it warmed me.

In the process of the creation of the series «TIME» I painted, reliving the memory through painting and sometimes I did not paint but merely sat and existed... And most of all I was feeling, and when I made the last painting «By the death Bed» I put it in the middle of the wall, and the rest were surrounding it... And they all began to vibrate... And at that instant happened the INSTANT.


and I understood that this is the essence of the project - THE INSTANT IS IN ETERNITY AND ETERNITY IS IN THE INSTANT.

Each of the 131 paintings is a vibration of a INSTANT, which is a pulsating picturesque flash, that sinks into ETERNITY.


The series «TIME» was created during the year 2016, being a natural continuation (development) of my picturesque search of the Root. Which was preceded by deep cogitation during the year 2015 on the series "Reparation", in which I became inspired by the images in old photographs of deceased relatives of mine, to visualize Entropy. The in depth penetration into the subject became a catalyst for a return of a new level to the document - a film on an old movie tape, from the first picturesque series «Psychoanalysis» from the year 2012, to the project "ROOT".

#My personal story# From the personal archive, I used a video footage filmed by my uncle - Dimitar Cholak# The video contains documentary footage filmed periodically from 1994 to 2012 in the same spot - the house of my grandparents in the village of Glavan. # Bulgarian family in Bessarabia - life and existence.


#I used 131 stop-frames from this documentary to reproduce them into 131 paintings. # Each picture - that is one second = one instant of my life # into which I return in memory to awaken my emotions# to experience it anew through painting, this way sealing it into eternity.


# In order to experience the catharsis, I had to be painfully honest # Staying for a long time over one frame, over one second and reliving that second again through painting, I put in the essence: the moment is eternity and eternity is the moment.

<Matter is created from the original and eternal energy that we know as Light . Matter is an expression of infinite forms of Light.> Nikola Tesla

contact: yona@tukuser.art


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