"ROOT" 2014/2015, part - 4

The project "REPAIR" is a continuation of a series of themes developed in the project ROOT, above which Yona Tukuser works from 2011 in Sofia, New York and Rome.

< "DNA REPAIR", 81х115 cm; oil, canvas >

The project “REPAIR" invites you to plunge mentally deep into yourself, dive into the bottomless depth of your origin – into a cell, retrieving information, encoded in our DNA, for a insight understanding of the "I", in the space-time interval on the map of life, uniting the past - present - future. DNA helix - connecting us to our roots, to our ancestors, which provides storage and transmission from generation to generation and realizing the genetic program of development and functioning of a living organism.The door, which opened the beginning of awareness of the innermost process of existence of body’s life, was revealed to Jona in a dream, where she saw a hologram of a complex intellectual and rational process of repairation of her DNA. This marked the beginning of the pictorial reflections in the picture space about the mechanisms, that cause the cell to "think" and make self-dependent decisions. On the question, raised by the scientists: "What brings the cell to suicide?" Yona tries to answer, creating a series of art paintings, in which she also speculates on the question:”Is it possible to intervene in the code and modify it?”

"DNA repair is a collection of processes by which a cell identifies and corrects damage to the DNA molecules that encode its genome."

 < 150х110 cm; oil, canvas >

 < 150х110 cm; oil, canvas >

 < 150х110 cm; oil, canvas >

 < 150х110 cm; oil, canvas >

The expression we see in the paintings of Yona passes from the very personal to the social aspect and vice versa, it returns to the personal, to her confession, towards to herself alone. Yona calls upon each one personally, every to their own to decide what they would like to make of their life, after having discovered the truth about their deep "I". Yona strives towards minimalism, to allow for a more effervescent presentation of her idea, to have an ecstatic strength in what she says.

The strength of the canvas is such that she convinces the viewer with laconic resources, with expression, with colours that are not very talkative. They are reticent, one earthly harmony that uses the painter in order for them to be able to tell the most powerful moments of the life that they wants to portray. I.e. the artwork itself also directs towards those thoughts. The picturesque values ​​are presented in such a way, so that they affect through the gesture of the hand, brush and the choice of colour. Albeit very intuitively suggested, very sensitively, but it has all of this matter woven into one single fabric.



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