"ROOT" 2013, part - 3



Yona Tukuser originates from the tribe Genghis Khan. She is descendant of Great Duke of Maiky- biy (Baiku- noyon) who was not only right hand of Genghis Khan, but his advisor and his first commander. Maiky Biy is the founder of the tribe called Tabyn that with the time became a country named Tabuniya. The word "Tabyn" itself comes from turkic language and it means "to pray to God". In mogolian language it means number five. The history of Tabyn people takes its origin from Tabyn- Bogdo- Ola (translatied as 5 heavenly mountains). It is a mountain range, that is an intersection of up to date regions of China, Russia and Mongoliya. In 12th century Arab geographer Indrissy marked this country as Tabuniya that was situated in the East of Volga Bulgaria. The country consisited of several tribes and one of them was named Tukus. Tukus was a very powerful commander. Over time his last name Tukus changed to Tukuser which became as we can see last name of Yona Tukuser.Yona was born in Bessarabia - the southern territory of modern Ukraine. Glavan is a small village where she comes from and it that was founded in 1832 by bulgarian refugees from the village Glavan in Bulgaria.

“Paintings of Princess" 

In a series of still lifes "Root" Yona Tukuser reveals her genetic belonging to the dynasty of Genghis Khan. This is an exciting investigation of her biography by means of painting. Contemporary avant-garde portrait, without formally painting her face, she sets herself the complicated task to examine herself much more deeply, in which she reaches the earth still lifes. Painting fruits of the earth, she is looking for herself and goes through detailed memories of childhood in shades, combined with repulsive signs of the alienating society in the urbanized world. In her canvas, there are woven elements of her life from the village, in Bessarabia, where she grew up with Bulgarian self-awareness, in jarring contrast with the attributes of urban life where she is looking for her path as an artist-painter. The creative work, which leds her to distant times in the land of her ancestors, the great and terrible conquerors like Genghis Khan.In 2013, Yona discovers for herself new truths on her origin in the great metropolis of New York, taking part in The Genographic Project by National Geographic - Human Migration, Population Genetics. The more she works during the preparation for her appearances in the prestigious galleries in Chelsea in Manhattan, the more she deeply penetrates in the story of her origin. With the help of the most famous geneticist in Bulgaria and contributor to the world famous American institutes, professor Ivo Kremenski, she outlines her story with images of easel painting. This is accomplished on the background of deep ground painting, associated with natural links from the time of her childhood. On this basis, she weaves collages of brutal urban reality, which she had faced with, in her past period. One could find everywhere the vulgar signs of "Sex and the City" - a series in reality painting. Symbols of lust and voluptuousness are confronted with the most sincere picturesque thoughts for nature and spiritual upliftment, and build the form of apocalyptic work, destroying the "good philistine taste" to cause emotions to another level. Level at which we think about ourselves, about our roots and relation with them, in times of turbulent dynamic events, intertwined with dreams of so coveted by all of us prosperity. Still lifes, evolved into modern parables from the Bible, paintings telling about the morality of modern Cinderellas. Gripping action on evidence accumulation, puzzle pieces of an exciting picture, the fate of a young talent, unsuspecting surprise by the end of the journey being undertaken and leading to the depths of her embryo.”

Ionko Ivan, curator

contact: yona@tukuser.art


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