The HUNGER project by the artist Yona Tukuser is comprised of a series of thematic paintings. The author reveals the tragedy of the immorality and degradation of humanity as after-effects of physical hunger leading to spiritual hunger. Hunger arouses the sleeping atavistic animal instincts in man. Under the influence of hunger people are not able to fight with their own instincts which lead them to an unnatural act in relation to other people. This can be followed throughout the history of mankind from Biblical times to the present day. Yona Tukuser as a Bessarabian Bulgarian born in Ukraine focuses on hunger which affected her compatriots during the general hunger in Ukraine. According to her, these are the some of the most dreadful pages from the history of the 20th century.


Artistic quality of works, that Yona Tukuser showed in the series 'Hunger', is characterized by bright expression - painfully distorted forms inhabit part of the canvas. Yona Tukuser chooses the right way to impress – drives “sharp nails” in our eyes. Feeling the pain, seeing calamity, only then we become spiritually involved, experience peculiar catharsis. She poses the universal problems of hunger within the frames of the historic event in Bessarabia. She is Interested in the psychology of hunger and what it is able to awaken in the human being. The author presents all those negative aspects of the phenomenon, when she goes beyond physical hunger and changes the thinking, alters the mental status.
We can distinguish three series of works - the earliest created, when she thematically still makes a research, are more narrative. It’s the torn bodies, piled one on another, barely moving with the last remaining soul. They are on the borderline between life and death, they are both spirits and fragile bodies. They have bright color spots in pure color, which correspond and contrast with the complex range of colours in the bodies. They are the horsemen of death, racing in search of victims. In places we see some uncompleteness (like skatch) – as if in line with the spirits in the paintings, the author lives through their last mights.



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